144 Funny Wedding Instagram Captions

The wedding season comes with different occasions. Since it has arrived, you have to be wedding ready always. You need different outfits for different occasions, matching shoes, and other accessories.

At weddings, we click numerous pictures at the wedding with our relatives, friends, and family. When the pictures come out to be good we become excited about posting these wedding pictures we need some Wedding Instagram Captions These captions will help you post pictures with much more emotions.

The best wedding Instagram captions are very important for enhancing the expression of the picture on Instagram which you will share with your followers. 

If the wedding is yours or you are getting married then you will have all the pictures clicked with your soon-to-be husband.

The picture of you and your spouse as a happy couple will show true love and you should post it on Instagram with a wedding Instagram caption that will express your love towards each other and you will be loved by your followers for that.

You must click pictures hundreds of pictures to get the best shot. Post these shots on Instagram and spread the feeling of love with some best wedding Instagram captions.

It is the basic need of the wedding to click pictures, as your wedding album won’t complete without it. Also, you need to post pictures with your loved ones. Share those amazing moments with some Wedding Instagram captions.

In this post, We have shared some amazing wedding Instagram captions. Weddings are always the best and memorable for which you need a flawless wedding-related caption.

These captions will make your followers wanting to get married seeing your marriage pictures they will want to have a wedding.

Wedding Instagram Captions

Wedding Instagram Captions
Wedding Instagram Captions
  • May your life together be full of love and your love be full of life.
  • There is guy who stole my heart and he calls me his Wife.
  • “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin
  • You had me at hello.
  • You’re mine. Forever.
  • I will come alone to the wedding party, but could you serve me the cake and champagne for two?
  • My mother told me to pick the very best one, and I did.
  • My husband is a gift from God!
  • You made me believe in love at first sight.
  • I’m just here for the cake and love.
  • The best is yet to come.
  • A family isn’t a meaningful thing. It is everything.
  • Sip, sip, hooray!
  • My name sounds even cuter with your last name added to it.
  • “A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.” – Pearl S Buck
  • Everyone’s favorite part of the wedding is the cake.
  • You don’t marry the person you can live with—you marry the person you can’t live without.
  • Clicking a selfie, before I shed my happy tears.

Bride Captions For Instagram

  • Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true.
  • Starting a journey with my love.
  • Being spontaneous was always our thing anyway.
  • You are the “every day of my life” that I have always dreamt of.
  • Bride: A woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her.
  • All because two people fell in love.
  • Now you are stuck with me forever and always.
  • Woke up and decided to get married today.
  • Together isn’t just a word. It’s an emotion.
  • All of our guest make us happy.
  • Life isn’t perfect, but I am
  • Oh snap, I got a selfie with the bride.
  • The best place on earth is next to you.
  • I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow. —Leo Christopher
  • Dreams do come true. I found you.
  • Nothing fancy, just love. And these new rings.

Wedding Photo Captions

Weddings are one of the best moments that take place in our lives when you get to marry the love of your life.

You need some best Wedding Photo captions to express your love and emotions through words to show the world that true love and successful relationships exist.

In this post, you will find some amazing captions that you can use.

Wedding Photo Captions
  • I knew you are the ONE – MADE ONLY FOR ME!
  • My partner in crime… my wife/husband.
  • Pop the champagne. She’s changing her last name.
  • You are my greatest adventure.
  • We did a thing.
  • Pop the Champagne—I’m changing my last name!
  • Without you, my life would be incomplete.
  • Engagement is just trying to find someone with the same weirdness as you.
  • The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. — Audrey Hepburn
  • I don’t marry a person I can live with. I marry a person I can’t live without.
  • Family: Where life begins and love never ends.
  • Check out her bling!
  • He/she stole my heart so I’m stealing his/her last name. And the covers too! All the covers.
  • I found my other half – what else to wish for?
  • You are my today and all of my tomorrows.
  • I am here to get drunk!
  • A picture perfect day.
  • The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you.
  • I do, we did.
  • Two less fish in the sea; one more lock and key.

Good Wedding Captions

  • “Trust me, you can dance.” —Champagne
  • Till death do us party.
  • Our love is eternal, just like time.
  • Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.
  • Forever in love.
  • Me, myself, and I do.
  • A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
  • You are the pepperoni to my pizza.
  • To have and to hold
  • Thanks for including us in your big day!
  • Home is wherever I’m with you.
  • Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.
  • I did not know what happiness is until I got married, but it was too late.
  • Does this dress make me look like a Mrs.?
  • They said, people fall in love, I said we grew in love
  • When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
  • The best thing I swiped right on.

Wedding Album Captions

Your wedding cannot be completed without posting a short album on Instagram and giving your followers your life updates.

In this post, you will find some amazing Welding album captions to post your short album with your followers on Instagram.

Wedding Captions
Wedding Captions
  • Lucky to be in love with my best friend.
  • We have tied not only the knot, but our hearts and souls.
  • Finally got my fairy-tale ending.
  • “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” — Audrey Hepburn
  • First dance!
  • I want all of my lasts to be with you.
  • Now we can hang out forever!
  • Locked in for life!
  • Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.
  • Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
  • Thank you for showing me what love looks like. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life doing the same for you.
  • Most of the guests at the wedding worry about posting new pictures on Instagram. A wedding is a great occasion to take some.
  • You’re my lobster.
  • And in one moment, our hearts became one.
  • Still falling for you, even harder than before.
  • This flower girl dress is everything!
  • You are and will always be the best thing ever happened to me.

Marriage Captions For Instagram

  • Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.
  • Congratulations to the happy couple! Yes, I’m still single.
  • Thank you for reminding me of what butterflies feel like.
  • Today you begin the rest of your lives, together forever as husband and wife.
  • From the bottom of my heart I wish and hope for nothing but the best for you two.
  • Two’s company, three’s a crowd—it’s also our wedding!
  • Congratulations to the happy couple! Yes, I’m still single.
  • I am so happy that you guys have found your soulmates! Be happy and thank you for such a great party.
  • I always loved LOVE STORIES, but never thought mine would be best
  • The party don’t start until bride walks in.
  • “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu
  • Eat, drink, and be married
  • Every journey that we have embarked together so far was fun, this one is going to be FANTASTIC
  • You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.
  • It’s just you and me, together forever.
  • Current mood: Remembering my lines.

Best Wedding Quotes for Instagram

This wedding season doesn’t hesitate about clicking as many pictures as you want and share them on Instagram. For that, you will a good caption or quotes.

In this post, you will find some Best Wedding quotes for Instagram to express your feelings and emotions more accurately and with enhanced words.

Wedding Captions For Instagram
Wedding Captions For Instagram
  • You have worked hard and deserve this promotion.
  • If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan.
  • If her so thinks this means less bff-time, he’s wrong.
  • Can we skip all these official parts and ceremonies and proceed to serving the cake?
  • This photo was taken before I started crying.
  • This has unlocked a new level.
  • Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have always will.
  • Our together is forever.
  • “Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy.” – Dwight Moody
  • I have got my Mr. Right
  • You touched my heart the very moment I saw you….
  • Love’s in the air!
  • It was love at first swipe.
  • The party doesn’t start until the bride walks in
  • My best friend for life… my husband/wife!
  • They got married. I got drunk.
  • I got one!
  • My love for you is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never.
  • I fall in love with you every time I look into your eyes

Wedding Puns For Instagram

  • He put a ring on and I put my heart into making him happy.
  • It’s going to be a fairytale….. WITH YOU!
  • “A happy family is but an earlier Heaven.” — John Bowring
  • This photo was taken *before* I started crying.
  • Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.
  • Just in that moment I became YOURS and you MINE
  • My mother told me to pick the very best one. So I did.
  • He stole my heart so I’m taking his last name.
  • Couldn’t believe how beautiful everything is…..
  • Guess I’m living with a boy now.
  • Even if you get married, don’t hurry to grow up.
  • The party didn’t start ‘til I walked in.
  • Bring on the aisle and the altar!
  • I love you, and that’s it

Best Captions for Wedding Pictures

The wedding pictures can be a lot, but we don’t have that many captions in our mind to post these pictures on Instagram.

We need some Best captions for wedding pictures so that you don’t have to think and write just use any caption given below.

  • Shoutout to my Pinterest board for making this happen.
  • Mark this day in a calendar as a special one – I’m getting a husband!
  • When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. —When Harry Met Sally
  • Taken…with all my heart and soul!
  • Every love story is beautiful, but ours is the best one.
  • A list of reason why I love you. 1. You are you.
  • Finally, he put a ring on it!
  • Together is the best place to be
  • This is my fairy tale dream come true.
  • Ever King needs a Queen.
  • A strong desire for you to have a future full of love.
  • Happiness is being married to your best friend.
  • This was taken before I cried uncontrollably.
  • Two souls, one heart.
  • “Make it your goal to create a marriage that feels like the safest place on earth.”— Greg Smalley
  • Walked down an aisle and found my forever.
  • Together forever.
  • I love being married because it’s beautiful to have a special person for the rest of your life.
  • And so, our adventure truly begins here.

Wedding Day Caption For Instagram

  • We are united by love and a heartbeat.
  • Together is a beautiful place to be.
  • You complete me, and blessed I am to have you in my life… THE JOURNEY BEGINS
  • Cheers to the newlyweds!
  • You never get a second chance to record your wedding day.
  • Both of us made for each other, both of us complete with each other.
  • No road is long with a good companion.
  • He stole my heart, so I’m going to steal his last name.
  • Thanks to [bride and groom] for showing me what love looks like.
  • I said, Yaaaassss!
  • Still falling for you harder than ever before.
  • New beginnings
  • To love, laughter and happily ever after.
  • I stopped thinking about finding another significant person when I met you.
  • I hope that every day after this blessed wedding day is just as beautiful.
  • For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.
  • I’ll love you for forever and day.

Captions On Wedding

  • I’m here for the cake.
  • Marriage? Yeah, it has a nice ring to it.
  • Sorry not sorry for all the wedding posts you’re going to see on my feed.
  • Sip, sip, hooray to the perfect wedding day.
  • Celebrating the love of the newlyweds.
  • True love stories never have endings. Cheers to this new beginning!
  • To have and to hold in case you get cold.
  • Marriages are just like fingerprints, each one is different and each one is beautiful.
  • My favorite part of my wedding was realizing that I didn’t have to plan it anymore.
  • “Trust me, you can dance.” —Champagne
  • Just eloped, NBD.
  • Let’s be each other’s first last kisses.
  • Best friend for life, husband and wife.
  • A kiss is something to build a dream on.
  • We’ve decided on forever.
  • I don’t know what is going on here. I just came for cake.

Funny Instagram Captions

  • “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” – J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Now accepting applications for new, single friends.
  • Now the next step is to grow old with you….. The Journey Starts
  • We go together like cake and icing.
  • Does this dress make me look like a Mrs. …?
  • The best is yet to come
  • I love you and I like you.
  • The goal of marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.
  • These two make such a gouda couple. Now, point me in the direction of the charcuterie plate.
  • Just married
  • And so the adventure begins
  • She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.
  • Now join your hands, and with your hands you heart. – William Shakespeare
  • Every day you prove to me that happily-ever-after really exists.
  • Trust me, you can dance.
  • Pop the bubbly; I’m getting a hubby.

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