[100+] College Captions For Instagram 2023-(Quotes)

So, you just got a mobile as a reward for achieving a high score in your exams, did you?

Here are some college captions to welcome you and help you share your first posts and pictures with friends you just added on your newly created profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

College Captions For Instagram

From what goes on inside the college campus to the things you enjoy at your favourite hangouts, these are captions to help you describe all the things that you and your buddies do.

And with that, we hope you find our collection of college captions interesting and useful for you:

Best College Captions For Instagram

Best College Captions
  • To set an alarm or not set an alarm. That is the question.
  • I’ve got a dream that’s worth more than my sleep.
  • Will I end the semester or will the semester end me? Stay tuned to see.
  • College — where Monday could feel like a Friday.
  • If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.
  • They say college is where you find yourself, but I keep getting lost on the way to class, so I have to find that first.
  • Some people get an education without going to college. The rest get it after they get out.
  • Drinking coffee to my accomplishments.
  • My university motto: If tomorrow isn’t the due date, today is not the do date.
  • I thought deciding on colleges was the hardest decision I’d ever make, but now, I can’t decide on what to eat for lunch.
  • Calc-u later, I’m off to class.
  • Be a cupcake in the world of muffins.
  • Get up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.
  • There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
  • College life is that part of your life that you are going to relive in your memories till you breathe.
  • Dear Diploma, playing hard to get is not good for our relationship.

Best College Friend Captions For Instagram

Best College Friend Captions
  • Yeah classes are challenging, but the biggest hurdle for me is remembering to do laundry before it’s too late.
  • College is the place where you live your life to the fullest.
  • The dorm life didn’t choose me, but I did choose the dorm life and it’s not bad.
  • Use promo code Netflix to get 50% off your grades.
  • Your college friends know who you are, but your high school friends know why.
  • I’m the new kid on the block.
  • The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.
  • Pain is temporary. GPA is forever.
  • The best feeling in the world is knowing your parents are smiling because of you.
  • Taking my dreams seriously.
  • Today, I’m about 90% coffee and 10% dry shampoo.
  • Dear Degree, why you playing so hard to get?
  • Not drinking in college was the best decision ever!
  • If tomorrow isn’t the due date, today isn’t the do date.
  • Not four years, but for life.
  • Messy bun and getting stuff done.

College Picture Captions For Instagram

College Picture Captions
  • Can I have a restraining order against my procrastination?
  • Many dream, some try, but I achieved.
  • Oh, college, where Monday could feel like a Friday.
  • I’m going to college. I don’t care if it ruins my career. I’d rather be smart than a movie star.
  • Nothing good comes from the comfort zone.
  • Here’s to the nights I’ll always remember with the friends I’ll never forget .
  • Making up code names with friends to you can talk about the guys you like…
  • Taking matters into my own freshman hands.
  • Study hard, do good, and the good life will follow.
  • Current mood: college life.
  • Set your goals and crush them.
  • Life is my college. May I graduate well, and earn some honors!
  • A college education shows a man how little other people know.Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.
  • Chemistry is a class you take in high school or college where you figure out two plus two is ten, or something.
  • Study tip: Stand up. Stretch. Take a walk. Go to the airport and don’t stop.

College Selfie Captions For Instagram

College Selfie Captions
  • Dear colleges, Smart middle class white people need scholarships too.
  • In college, I learned more by watching my drunk friends than I did in class.
  • College teaches you a lot of things… like how to wear flip-flops in the dorm showers.
  • Lots of problems begin with citing Wikipedia.
  • College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night?
  • None of my assignments is done, but I sure am.
  • Our colleges ought to have lit up in us a lasting relish for he better kind of man, a loss of appetite for mediocrities.
  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
  • College is like looking both ways before you cross the street and getting hit by an airplane.
  • An attitude of a champion. Hustle like an underdog.
  • Every college student knows the importance of 11:59.

College Captions & Quotes For Instagram

College Captions & Quotes
  • No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up and never give up.
  • Just looking for someone to raise these grades with me.
  • This is my third coffee of the day.
  • Stop encouraging everybody to go to college. There’s no enough parking.
  • School for 12 years, college for 4 years… then you work until you die. Great.
  • Why pass your exams while you can pass out?
  • Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
  • The dorm life didn’t choose me, but I did choose the dorm life and it’s not bad.
  • Dear degree, why you playing so hard to get?
  • College was especially sweet because of the positive, hopeful atmosphere of a college campus.
  • If you can‘t fly, then run. If you can‘t run, then walk. If you can‘t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.
  • You can. End of story.

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